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Remo drums/percussion products are providing drum circle facilitators like myself with the tools to promote the power of the drum to our World Community. A community where people of all ages, cultures and ability can participate in drum circles.

Remo World Drums

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I find that REMO World Series drums fantastic for the authentic quality of their sound and they are a reliable product. I use a variety of pretuned festival Djembe’s, Tubano’s, Doumbeks and tunable Djembe’s/Tubano’s of a variety of sizes, Frame Drums/Sound Shapes. Remo World Drums are easy to take care of and they are weather- resistant especially where I live we get a variety of seasons that range from Winter, (SNOW), rain and hot summers. You do not ever need to worry about the Remo heads breaking and they are also easy to wipe down after facilitating drum circles.

Lets Celebrate Life through Community Drumming


As an EDUCATOR/DRUM CIRCLE FACILITATOR I have a great need to share my love of music through drumming. I look at my community as being the entire WORLD. Since the beginning of time people have come together as a community to celebrate life through community drumming. Through community DRUMMING we can learn a variety of skills:

Communication, Stress Management/Relaxation, Motivation/Spirituality, Creativity/Self Expression, Awareness of other cultures, Team Building, Musicality/Education, Self-esteem, Social skills, Health