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Documentary Synopsis


Drumming is an awakening experience and it is through drumming that we can explore our inner rhythms. Drumming is a mechanism that allows us to openly communicate in a free musical environment. The most remarkable aspect of drumming is that we don’t need to have any previous musical experience and or knowledge to play a drum. There are no boundaries to participate and to play a drum. Anyone can pick up a stick or use their hands to play a drum or to shake a shaker, tap a wood or a metallic sound to create music. It is through drumming that we can create music to help foster our wellbeing. It is finding a passion of drumming that can lead people to help them to over come obstacles that we all have to face in life. Obstacles that intrude on our space, making wrong decisions, illness, fatigue, stress, abuse and stress. Drumming opens many doors to people of all ages, culture and ability.


In this documentary drumming will show how we all can explore our inner rhythms. Drumming showcases the talents of young children/teens with a variety of special needs, people who are in hospital treatment, adults and seniors performing in a variety of environments, plus professional world class drummers who share their experience and knowledge. The documentary also has professional recreational therapists; social workers and an arts educational director discuss their findings/personal experience.


Producer Jeff Stewart



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