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Spirit of World Drumming Book+DVD by Jeff Stewart Product Description: A spirited global tour of drum circle instruction for the classroom and community; my book includes a comprehensive DVD showcasing school and community drum circles. People who want to discover their spiritual need to drum are welcome to let me take them on a journey of WORLD MUSIC. My book begins with the African forms of drumming and moves through diverse cultural forms of music/drumming from all around our world. African, Cuban, Brazilian, Native, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Community. The instructional DVD showcases the talent of people of all ages. Feel free to refer to the DVD with regards to the topics covered in the book. This book also provides educators and drum circle facilitators with ideas for implementing a music program or a community Drum Circle. I have also included positive evaluation methods. Discover your spirit of drumming.


I am asked this question on a regular basis when I am facilitating drum circles … “Do I have to have any musical training or talent to participate in a Drum Circle?” My response is, “No! You don‘t have to have any musical background to participate in my Drum Circles”. It is my job as a drum facilitator to bring out your primitive understanding of rhythm and beat. Everyone has a heartbeat and a sense of rhythm. The important element is the person’s keen interest in participating.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like for me to come and facilitate a DRUM CIRCLE with your Community or at your Event.